plot_PD_slice - Plot the 1d slice of PD histogram.


homcloud-plot-PD-slice [-h] [-V] -d DEGREE [-T TYPE] [-N]
                      [-l LEFT_LABEL] [-r RIGHT_LABEL] [-b BINS]
                      [--log] [-o OUTPUT] [--dpi DPI]
                      birth1 death1 birth2 death2 width input
                      [input ...]




This program plots the 1d slice of PD histogram.

The program take the slice on a segment from (birth1, death1) to (birth2, death2). Points on the segment strip whose width is width are counted to construct 1d histogram.


-h, --help            show this help message and exit
-V, --version         show program's version number and exit
-d DEGREE, --degree DEGREE
                      degree of PH
-T TYPE, --type TYPE  input file format (dipha, idipha, text) (default:
-N, --negate          flip the sign of birth/death times for superlevel
                      persistence (default: False)
-l LEFT_LABEL, --left-label LEFT_LABEL
                      label for starting point
-r RIGHT_LABEL, --right-label RIGHT_LABEL
                      label for end point
-b BINS, --bins BINS  number of bins
--log                 log scale
-o OUTPUT, --output OUTPUT
                      output file path
--dpi DPI             output dpi


You can same data format as plot_PD and plot_PD_gui for an input file. .diagram data, .idiagram data, and text data are available.

If multiple input files are specified, all birth-death pairs in the input files are counted together.


If -o option is not given, the histogram is shown in your window. If -o option is given, the output figure file format is determnined by its extension. For example, PNG(.png), PDF(.pdf), etc. are available. Other formats are also available if matplotlib supports the formats.