pict.slice3d - Shows the sliced images of 3D bitmap data in npy format


python3 -m homcloud.pict.slice3d
    [-h] [-s SLICE] [-S SPACER] [-r RANGE]
    [--image-viewer IMAGE_VIEWER]
    input [input ...]




This program shows the sliced images of 3D bitmap data in npy format.

-s option specfies n-th axis is used for slicing.

You can see the multiple npy data with same shape. -S option specifies the number of pixels between each sliced image.

--image-viewer specifies the program name of image viewer you want. The viewer should be able to display multiple images by the order or file paths. Some image viewers such as eog and ristretto is good for that purpose.


-h, --help            show this help message and exit
-s SLICE, --slice SLICE
                      slicing direction (0, 1, or 2)
-S SPACER, --spacer SPACER
                      spacer pixels
-r RANGE, --range RANGE
                      range of slices
--image-viewer IMAGE_VIEWER
                      image viewer program name


# Sliced by yz-plane (-s 2), the separator is 5 pixels, eog is used for image viewer
python3 -m homcloud.pict.slice3d -s 2 -S 5 m1.npy m2.npy --image-viewer eog